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April 16, 2010

A Compressed Spring

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This spring has been quite unusual. It started late and is passing in a flash.

The late start was caused by our last snow fall on 2/25:  8-10″ of snow followed immediately by 2″ of rain, followed by temperatures that were cold enough to prevent the snow from melting for over a week. Many of us had snow until mid-March.

Then suddenly, March 31, unseasonably hot weather arrived.  From April 1-10 the temperatures reached the mid-70s or even 80 nearly every day.

The weird weather has compressed spring. My crocuses bloomed late but almost everything else has been early.  Since 2005 I’ve been tracking the start of bloom for several plants in my yard. For anything that usually blooms after 4/1, this is the earliest they have ever bloomed.

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
yellow crocuses bloom 03/02/05 03/14/06 03/27/07 03/22/08 03/24/09 03/24/10
mini daffodils bloom 04/09/05 03/31/06 04/20/07 04/10/08 04/05/09 03/30/10
full size daffodils bloom 04/15/05 04/01/06 04/18/07 04/09/08 04/03/09 04/02/10
forsythia in yard in full bloom 04/15/05 04/03/06 04/23/07 04/14/08 04/12/09 03/29/10
Norway maples bloom 04/19/05 04/14/06 04/23/07 04/16/08 04/15/09 04/04/10
violets bloom (small white) 04/15/05 04/07/06 04/25/07 04/15/08 04/06/09 04/04/10
dandelions bloom 04/18/05 04/02/06 04/23/07 04/18/08 04/26/09 04/14/10
white hyacinths bloom

04/23/07 04/14/08 04/12/09 04/08/10
Oak beside driveway blooms

04/25/08 04/28/09 04/15/10

Yesterday morning, while weeding at Locust Grove, I noticed the grass is sending up flower stalks. Sure enough, by afternoon, my allergies kicked into high gear, the earliest ever. I am allergic to grasses – every one tested. Twenty-two years ago my allergies started in mid-May. Now grasses are pollinating a month earlier.

I’m a believer in global warming.


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