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May 21, 2010

Chive Harvest

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When is the right time to harvest chives? They say the fresh young growth of spring is best. I usually harvest for salads and cooking in the spring but that amounts to only a few spears.

I freeze chopped chives for winter use and I usually harvest those in the fall. Yes, the spears are a bit tougher in the fall. They are also mixed with early fallen leaves and if I’ve waited too late, some of the spears are dying, so I pick through the chives to remove the debris then rinse well.

The right front chive bunch was chopped back to 2" less than a month ago. The harvest barely slowed them down.

I’ve also been a bit worried about cutting the plant back in the spring, then having nothing. I reasoned that in the fall, everything  was about to die in the cold, so a severe cutting wouldn’t matter.

I’m happy to report that a severe spring cutting doesn’t bother chives.  On 4/26 I cut the right front bunch of chives back to about 2″ tall. Here they are less than a month later, growing vigorously. They will bloom a bit later than the uncut chives, but that is an advantage: I’ll have chive flowers to use on salads for a longer time. I could have harvested earlier, but not later: flower buds were forming deep in the bunch. The flower stalks are tough and fibrous, not good for eating.

To prepare chives for freezing, remove debris, rinse briefly, drain, then pat dry with a dish towel or paper towel. Chop bunches into 1/8-1/4″ pieces and store in a freezer bag. I remove air from the bag by sealing it most of the way, sucking out the air, then quickly completing the seal.

Preparing chives for freezing.

The chive bunch that I harvested, roughly 8″ in diameter, provided a pound of chopped chives for the freezer. And yes, a pound of chopped chives is enough onion essence to make my eyes tear profusely.


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