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June 12, 2010

Parsnips in Bloom

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I’m enjoying the bright yellow splash of parsnip flowers in my vegetable garden. Parsnips are biennials; they bloom and set seed in their second year.

Parsnip 'Hollow Crown' flowers and buds, 5/29/2010

Last fall I left my parsnips in the garden to harvest as needed for cooking. The soil never freezes under 6″ of shredded leaves, so I harvested parsnips all winter.  When the weather warmed, the remaining parsnips resumed growing.  The texture of the parsnip changes during the new growth, so I stop harvesting.

One year old parsnips growing new leaves 4/4.

Year old parsnips grow rapidly. By the end of May the flower stalks were 5′ tall and in full bloom. The flowers resemble Queen Anne’s Lace flowers but in yellow.

Parsnips in full bloom 5/29.

Now, in mid-June, the stalks are top-heavy with blossoms and developing seed. Many stalks have toppled. The seeds currently look like flat, green disks. I’ll be watching as it matures, in the hope of collecting seed to plant next spring.

Parsnip flowers and seed 6/12

All the pictures are of the same planting of parsnip ‘Hollow Crown’.  The plants in the background are snow peas.


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