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August 15, 2010

Vicious Attack by Bean Plant!

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Last week, while watering, I suffered a vicious, unprovoked attack from a pole bean plant.

Eye lid - 30 hours after being scratched by a pole bean.

The plant wrapped a tendril across my face and scratched when I tried to pull away, resulting in injuries.

Yes, this is true, I’ve been injured by a pole bean. My eyelid was swollen and the scratch burned when I washed it and showered. Although the skin did not look broken, scabs developed a day later.

Have you ever felt the stem of a pole bean? Rub a finger along a stem in both directions. In one direction it feels smooth, but in the other direction it is very rough. With a magnifying glass you can see tiny hairs, all pointing the same direction. The tender, green, growing tip has the most hairs, many more than the older sections of vine. The hairs are probably what allows the plant to cling to its supports.

The attack plant was a ‘Blue Coco’ pole bean.

Now, when ever I go into the garden, I wear glasses. If it’s cloudy and the sun is about to set, I grab a pair of clear ‘sunglasses’ before going out the door. I’m thankful the plant did not grab half an inch lower.

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