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July 26, 2011

Vegetable Garden Design Mistake

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Squashes and pole beans, July 26

Don’t plant your squashes between the (only) gate into the garden and a crop that must be harvested daily. Right now, I can still turn right, go to the back, and sneak up on the pole beans from behind.  However, I’ll soon need wings to get into the garden.

The last time I planted squash and beans in these beds, in 2008, the beans were nearest the gate. Reversing the positions of beans and squash provided a 6 year crop rotation. I should have been happy with a 3 year rotation.

I’ve solved this problem in my community garden plot by positioning two gates at diagonally opposite corners. Since July 15, the squashes and melons have expanded to cover half the garden so I’m now using both gates.

The two squash plants on the left are Zephyr, a yellow and green summer squash. The three plants on the right are Metro Butternut. As of 8/6 the Metro has merged into and through the Zephyr and I’m finding baby butternuts near the left garden fence, just outside the left frame of the picture.


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