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August 21, 2011

Hail in the Vegetable Garden

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Hail .2"-.5" in diameter fell 8/19/11. (The stripes are .2" wide.)

August 19, Friday afternoon around 4:15, a severe thunder-storm ripped through the mid-Hudson valley. My home, in the Red Oaks Mill section of Poughkeepsie, was hit with ‘pea and bean’ sized hail according to my husband and ‘hail the size of the end of my pinky’ according to my daughter.

How does hail damage a vegetable garden?

The garden was well watered due to several recent storms. Leaves were crisp and full, with no limp leaves anywhere.  The hail shredded most of the leaves of squashes &  cucumbers. It also punched holes in the outer leaves of peppers, pole beans, and my kiwi vines.  The force of the rain knocked off my Sungold cherry tomatoes  and washed them out of the garden. Summer squash & cucumbers were left with divots in their skin. Beans outside the shelter of the foliage had craters punched into them.  On the squash plants a surprising number of the leaf stems were left folded over. That may have been caused by the force of the wind.

Hail shredded leaves of Zephyr summer squash and Metro Butternut squash.

The hail damaged leaves of Metro Butternut.

Hail damaged Zephyr squashes and cucumber

There was one surprise: the tomato and pepper fruit seem unharmed. Perhaps they were protected by their heavy foliage.

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