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September 20, 2011

Dead-Head the Garlic Chives!

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Garlic chives with maturing seed clusters

It is time to dead-head the garlic chives. Although the seeds pods are still green, soon they will mature, dry, split open, and release their copious seeds into the garden. The result will be lots of new garlic chive plants next year. They can turn weedy very quickly.

How do I dead-head garlic chives? At this stage, if I try to pull out the flower stalk, the leaves pull out too. So I used scissor or grass clippers to clip the stalks down to about leaf height. Later, after the flower stalks turn dry and brown, I’ll pull them out or break them off.

Be sure to leave any remaining flowers for the bees; they love those blossoms.



  1. Hello Mary,
    If you harvest your garlic chives flower stalks at the bud stage you will not have to deadhead and the flower stalks and buds are delicious.

    Comment by Norma Chang — September 24, 2011 @ 6:17 am | Reply

    • I’ve used the flowers of common chives on salads, but I never thought to try the flowers or buds of garlic chives. But they have not been wasted – the solitary bees love the nectar of garlic chives. I like to keep these bees happy because they look like the same bees that pollinate my squashes.

      Comment by marysveggiegarden — September 24, 2011 @ 6:05 pm | Reply

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