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April 23, 2012

Rain! Beautiful Rain!

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It’s raining as I type. In the last 36 hours, 1.75″ of rain have fallen. After nothing but trace amounts of rain for three weeks and only 1.2″  in March, this rain is a blessing. My plants are smiling and my rain barrels are full.

Snow Peas Oregon Sugar Pod II enjoying the rain.

I invited rain by installing soaker hoses on Wednesday. My husband cinched it by repairing the faucet in the garage – which has been dripping since 1998, soaking the garage interior with every use.

Squirrel holes in the spinach.

I’m finding holes in the garden, probably squirrels digging for nuts. This is the second time they’ve dug in this spot in the spinach. They must have buried a batch of nuts here. Normally I protect new plantings with a piece of fencing laid on top.  However the peas were threatening to wrap their tendrils around the fencing so I moved it.

The spinach has really suffered from the dryness much more than the peas.

Now that the soil is wet, my next job is to mulch everything and trellis those peas.

Cascadia Snap Peas protected by fencing.

I am now harvesting sweet potato slips for rooting. A slip roots in about a week. On 4/13 I harvested 20 and on 4/22 I potted up a batch of 38. At roughly Sweet potato slips potted up for rooting.The mother sweet potatoes after slip harvest.a dollar a slip, that comes to $58. Some are for my garden , but most will be given away.

From the looks of the mother sweet potatoes there are lots more slips to come.

In this area, slips cannot be planted outside until Memorial Day.

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