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July 8, 2012

Harvest Monday July 9, 2012

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The weather this week was hot – most days the temperature hit the low 90s. This is very unusual for this area – normal would be two weeks over 90 for the whole summer.  Usual summer highs are the mid to upper 80s. Already we’ve cooked through three hot weeks.

Hair harvest – 2 ounces

I gave up hoping for a repeat of last summer’s weather, went out and got my hair cut off. At least now my neck is cool. The pony-tails weigh in at 2 ounces; I probably left another 2 ounces at the hairdressers.

Unlike the gardener, the garden thrives in the heat. At least the summer crops love it; the peas aren’t very happy.

7/3/2012 Harvest

Tuesday I discovered the Cylindra beets are ready to harvest. This bunch was made into a cold beet salad for a July 4 BBQ. The Sugar Snap peas also went to the BBQ and were eaten crisp, raw, and unadorned.  My veggies were the only veggies on the buffet which goes a long way towards explaining why most of the attendees were size XL.

Kossack Kohlrabi growing at Vassar Farm 7/1/2012

Monster Kossack kohlrabi

Thursday I harvested the last of the Kohlrabi. The Kossack didn’t look that much bigger than those harvested last week, but they weighed 50% more.

I also harvested the last two Kohibri. Both had split when small, probably damaged by a late freeze. I’d almost given up hope of them forming a bulb but finally they came through.

An ugly Kolibri.

Friday I harvested the first summer squash of the season: a Zephyr from my home garden. Clearly there will be many more.

7/6/2012 Zephyr summer squash

7/6/2012 the inside view: Zephyr summer squash first harvest

7/1 – onions and potatoes

The potatoes have been growing since late April, seeming quite content under their floating row cover. I’ve only peeked under a few times: to check for flea beetles (none), Colorado potato beetles (none), and weeds (only a few managed to sprout through the mulch layer of shredded leaves), and to lay a soaker hose. In the last couple weeks the row cover fabric started to deteriorate. The plants  also flopped over, and I’ve stepped on the fabric a couple of times. Some of the plants are also starting to yellow.

Saturday I started harvesting potatoes. I managed to uncover  the quarter of the bed containing the early potatoes. The first thing I noticed was a ladybug. My, she is fast. Get glasses for a closer look: an aphid infestation. Guess the ladybug was under the row cover, in fat city with all those aphids. On my next trip to the community gardens I’ll bring some insecticidal soap.

Yukon Gold Potatoes 1.7 pounds & 2 onions

I harvested two Yukon Gold potato plants. They are averaging .75 pounds / plant.

Now that we are a couple of weeks past the summer solstice the onions are sizing up nicely. The two purple onions were grown from sets. They will be sautéed with the potatoes, chopped Chinese cabbage or beet greens, and Feta cheese.

Harvest for the week:

Beets: 1.4 lbs. Cylindra, 1.3 lbs. Red Ace

Broccoli: .1 lbs. Packman side shoots – guess they don’t like the heat either.

Carrots: 1 lb. Yaya

Kohlrabi: .5 lb. Kolibri, 3.1 lbs. Kossack. Time to start fall plantings.

Onions: .4 lb.

Peas: .5 lb. Cascadia snap peas, .2 lb. Dwarf White Sugar snow peas, 1.5 lbs. Oregon Sugar Pod II snow peas, and 4.2 lbs of the original Sugar Snap peas. I’ve removed the Dwarf White Sugar plants, and the Cascadia will go next. The Oregon Sugar Pod plants are blooming on side shoots so I might leave them another week. The Sugar Snaps are slowing down so I may remove them too in the next few days.

Summer squash: 1.6 lbs.  Zephyr

Please visit with Daphne’s Dandelions for more harvests from around the country and around the world.



  1. I love your hair harvest! The zephyr is a new squash to me. Love it’s bi-colors!

    Comment by pooks — July 9, 2012 @ 2:42 pm | Reply

  2. Your veggies are lovely. Do you have some plans for your hair?

    Comment by Lisa — July 9, 2012 @ 4:22 pm | Reply

    • In the past, I’ve donated the hair. But this does not fit most criteria – too short or too gray.

      Comment by marysveggiegarden — July 10, 2012 @ 6:14 am | Reply

  3. Great looking kohlrabi. You always have such lovely carrots, don’t know what happened but none of my carrots seeds germinated. Hope it is not too late to reseed.

    Comment by Norma Chang — July 10, 2012 @ 6:57 am | Reply

    • How old was your carrot seed? Older seed germinates poorly.
      The trick will be keeping a new planting moist until it germinates. Last year I did a late June planting at VF and shaded the planting with an old sheet tossed over tomato cages until it germinated. Even then, germination was only half the spring rate.

      Comment by marysveggiegarden — July 10, 2012 @ 8:24 am | Reply

  4. What a pretty harvest and love the turkeys; do they bother your veg much? We have baby quail right now and the little buggers can get through 1″ chicken wire and scratch up and eat a lot of seedlings.

    Comment by maryhysong — July 10, 2012 @ 8:04 am | Reply

    • They’ve only gotten inside the veggie garden fence twice in 10 years so it’s not a problem. Wild turkeys can fly (they roost in trees) but they don’t like to fly and the chicks are too big to get through the fence. It’s funny when they get inside the fence, they flew in but they forget they need to fly to get out.

      They do scratch up all the mulch in my herb and flower gardens which are not fenced because I only use deer resistant plants.

      Comment by marysveggiegarden — July 10, 2012 @ 8:29 am | Reply

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