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About Mary

Hello, I’m Mary.  I planted my first vegetable garden in 1975 and I have grown vegetables ever since. My two gardens in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. are within 5 miles of the mighty Hudson River, roughly 60 miles up-stream from NYC.

I completed Master Gardener training in 2007 and am active as a Master Gardener volunteer, primarily teaching vegetable garden classes.

My gardening goal is to provide organic vegetables for family meals year-round.  I also want to grow all the vegetables we eat, but that goal is further off. With a root cellar and a freezer, I serve garden vegetables every week of the year.  However, I do occasionally supplement with store-bought veggies during the winter.

Of course, with all those veggies, I’m also a cook who is still learning new things. I bicycle to& from my garden and lots of other places. My yearly goal is 2,000 miles. In the off-season, I quilt. I enjoy listening to books on tape while dealing with massive piles of veggies or sewing a binding.


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