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April 11, 2020

Covid Spring – mid-Hudson Valley Edition 4/11/2020

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Several days ago magnolia flowers opened all over town.

My home in Dutchess County is 80 miles from the Covid-19 epicenter in NYC. The county is a bedroom community for NYC, served by 2 train lines. So all of us are all watching the numbers. As I publish this post, there are 1,744 confirmed cases in Dutchess. This works out to .6% of the local population. Scary!

The drive-through Covid19 test facility in the MidHudson Regional Hospital parking garage. No lines. The car on the left had just arrived. First stop – present the paperwork. Then the car moved all the way to the right. The driver lowered the window, leaned over and was sampled.

It is good to get outside, away from the numbers. Luckily the weather has been cooperating. It’s been somewhat dry since early March so we are getting more than our usual share of dry sunny days. There has been enough rain for the flowers to thrive. And temperatures have ranged from the 30’s to the 60’s Fahrenheit – ideal for working outside. We are almost finished ripping out a forsythia hedge 45’x15′. It takes your attention off of everything else.

Think Spring!

The forsythia has provided sunshine for weeks. Even my scraggly hedge under the Norway maples put on a show.
Hellebore, aka Lenten rose.
Sanguinaria, aka bloodroot, opens its blossoms only on sunny days.
The perfect faces of daffodils leave a smile every time.

December 13, 2012

It’s My Birthday!

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Let’s celebrate with flowers!

Forsythia blooming in my yard 12/13/12

Forsythia blooming in my yard 12/13/12.

NY Aster blooming in the protected area next to the foundation.

NY Aster blooming in the protected area next to the foundation.

Folks, it’s December: flowers should not be blooming outside in NYS as we near the shortest day of the year.

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