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December 13, 2012

It’s My Birthday!

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Let’s celebrate with flowers!

Forsythia blooming in my yard 12/13/12

Forsythia blooming in my yard 12/13/12.

NY Aster blooming in the protected area next to the foundation.

NY Aster blooming in the protected area next to the foundation.

Folks, it’s December: flowers should not be blooming outside in NYS as we near the shortest day of the year.

October 15, 2012

Harvest Monday, Oct. 15, 2012

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Zinnia Zowie! Yellow Flame

Friday, Oct. 12 the Poughkeepsie area suffered both frost and freeze, with the temperature dipping to 27F around 5AM Saturday.

Friday was spent harvesting frost tender vegetables:

  • Mountain Magic Tomatoes: 3 pounds. Yes, Mountain Magic is indeed resistant to late blight. It was my only surviving tomato plant. However it is not resistant to Septoria Leaf Spot so it didn’t look very good.
  • Peppers: .75 pound
  • Beans: 1 pound
  • Tetsukabuto squash: the 6 Tetsukabuto squashes lurking in my home garden totaled 17 pounds – the same as the single Rumbo squash grown in my sunny community garden plot and featured in the next post.

I’m also harvesting fall vegetables: the first Optiko Napa cabbage, a white turnip, and carrots.

The view from my desk: dahlias and zinnias.

But most important, before the frost, I harvested flowers. These pictures were taken outside a couple weeks ago, but the bouquets are in the house now. My dahlias are dead, except the Old Gold plants which we covered with a double layer of tarp before the freeze. A couple branches near the edge were frosted and the flowers are a bit crushed, but the plants are still alive, and there are buds yet to open if it stays above freezing for a couple weeks. I can see the Old Gold dahlias as I type, and I like them too much to let them go without a fight.

Dahlia ‘Old Gold’

The current harvest total is 750 pounds, after sorting through my storage onions and discarding many. Roughly a quarter of the Copras are rotting in storage. I’ve been growing and storing Copra onions for several years and this is the first time for this problem. Each bad onion has a couple rotting layers, either the center or towards the outside. I know thrips are in the garden: could thrips be the cause?

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