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April 4, 2020

Early April in the Hudson Valley Vegetable Garden 4/4/2020

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Daikon radish ‘April Cross’ planted 3/24, emerged 4/4.

I’ve started outdoor planting! March 24 I sowed the seeds of snow peas, spinach, salad radishes and daikon radishes. Today I planted sugar snap peas, daikon radishes and komatsuna. Turnip and beet seed will be sown by 4/15. All these crops can be direct sown and they thrive in the cool weather of spring. For very detailed directions on planting peas see . The directions apply to snow and snap peas as well as shelling peas.

After planting the peas, I placed fencing flat on the ground to prevent squirrels from digging for the nuts they buried last autumn. After the peas sprout this piece of fence will be placed upright as the trellis.
Seed Germination boxes aka plastic storage boxes keep seeds moist while sprouting.

My germination box is always full. As soon a pot of seeds sprouts, it is placed under the grow lights and replaced by a newly sown vegetable. The germination boxes currently contain peppers, more peppers, a second planting of kohlrabi and bunching onions. In a week I’ll start the tomatoes and a few tomatillos.

I’ve started hardening off my cool weather transplants so each day they spend a bit more time in the sun and a bit less time under the grow lights.

Seedlings for transplanting 4/15-5/1, starting with the lettuces in the upper center and right.

July 3, 2017

Harvest Monday July 3, 2017

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In the early morning I forage in my home garden. Here’s the typical harvest for the second half of June.

The daily pair of Alpine daikon radishes. The greens are chopped, sautéed and scrambled into the morning eggs. If a radish is bolting, I harvest it and cook the flower stalk with the greens. The stalk is tender except for the bottom inch or so.

Snow peas for supper, a few snap peas for breakfast, and chives for the eggs. I usually eat the pink champagne currents in the garden. I harvest sugar snaps and currents again for lunch and toss them on my salad.

My community garden plot is now producing Swiss chard and Chinese cabbage.

Peppermint swiss chard. The chard harvest started about a week ago and the first leaves show holes from the hail a month ago. Chard joins radish greens in the morning eggs.

The 6.5 pound Bilko Chinese cabbage harvested today. This is what ‘full-sized’ means in the variety description.

I stir fried the three outer leaves for supper. They were tender so I chopped, blanched and froze 4 pounds, leaving the very center of the head for supper tomorrow.


Bilko Chinese Cabbage: this 3 pound head was hidden inside all those leaves.


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