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September 25, 2017

9/25/2017 Harvest Monday

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The anomalous weather continues in N.Y. In August we enjoyed late September conditions. Now that it is late September we are getting August heat with highs up near 90°F. The peppers and tomatoes are loving the heat and ripening quickly. Last evening I turned 6 pounds of Garden Treasure tomatoes into pizza sauce for the freezer. We eat fresh peppers with every meal and I have a gallon bag of chopped red and yellow peppers in the freezer.

Peppers: Escamillo, yellow and Carmen, red. Escamillo peppers are slightly bigger than Carmen. Both are excellent for fresh eating but I like the flavor of Carmen a bit better. That said, I just ate an entire Escamillo as a snack.

Summer Dance has provided a steady supply of cucumbers since mid-August. Most fruits are much straighter than this pair.

This Striata d’Italia zucchini plant is incredible. I am certain it has squash borers plus powdery mildew covers the leaves but it keeps on pumping out fruit. Only 1.5″ of rain has fallen this month and I rarely water so this plant must be living on dew.

Striata d’Italia Zucchini – the bottom is almost rotted through but there is a squash (actually several) at the top.

A closeup of the top of the Striata d’Italia zucchini reveals five fruit and the potential for several more.

I harvested the first winter squash this week. This is Fairy from Territorial Seed. It is a C. moschata so it resists borers plus it resists powdery mildew so the vines are very vigorous. The vines are at least 20′ long and have escaped the garden on three sides.

C. moschata Fairy winter squash. The catalog says they should weigh 2.5 pounds. This groups averages 5.3 pounds each.

I’ve not yet tasted a Fairy squash. I’ll roast one after the heat wave breaks – maybe this weekend.

I continue to dig sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes: Heartogold left, White Queen right. White Queen yielded about 3/4 pound/plant, not particularly good. It’s been a cool summer – not the best temperature for sweet potatoes.

This is my second year growing Heartogold & White Queen. I tried several new varieties last year and Heartogold yielded the least so I was not planning to grow it this year. I must have mixed a Heartogold root in with the White Queen roots and accidentally started slips. I think Heartogold needs a longer, hotter season than Poughkeepsie ever gets.

Dahlia Little Bees Wings – small but perfect.

September 4, 2017

9/4/2017 Harvest Monday – Late August harvests

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The last two weeks have been anomalously cool with highs in the 70’s and a low of 42 – ideal weather for gardening – if not for ripening peppers.

My plots at the Vassar Farm community gardens are producing abundantly.

8/21 Sungold tomatoes and the first bell pepper.

The Sungold plants have passed their peak and Septoria is killing the foliage. I’ll remove them soon.

Edamame Soy, Honey Select Sweet Corn, Yaya carrots and Garden Treasure and Garden Gem tomatoes.

Summer Crisp lettuce: Muir and Carioca plus the last of the broccoli side shoots.

I am very impressed by Muir Summer Crisp lettuce. The loose-leaf heads are good-sized and they hold well in the garden for quite a long time (ie 2 weeks before bolting, even in August.) Even after the plant starts bolting the leaves stay sweet and crisp. Plus Muir bolts very, very slowly.

Copra onions curing 8/21. The onion crop has been cleaned and stored in mesh bags hanging from the basement ceiling – 36 pounds.

At home, I am greeted by this magnificent 8′ tall goldenrod by the garden gate.

This volunteer goldenrod fominates this corner of the garden. The butternut squash is climbing over it to get some sun.

Bees cover the goldenrod most of the day probably a hundred at any time. Wasps, ranging from midget to full-sized, also feed on the goldenrod.

Highlander peppers are mildly hot. I chopped & froze these to use in winter pizzas and chili.

Felicity jalapenos have no heat!  These are the first beans form my early July planting of Hickok bush beans.

The Helda pole beans are producing again after resting in early August.

My neighbor at the community gardens started digging sweet potatoes in late August and they look very good. Purple SPs get big fast, plus rodents chew on them in the fall.  I’ve decided to get them out while they are good – plus they will be a smaller, more manageable size if harvested now. So I’ve started groping around under the sweet potato plants and pulling out any roots I can find while leaving the plants to grow more roots.

Purple sweet potatoes. The biggest is almost 3 pounds.

I found this Purple snake by stepping on it. It was growing  horizontally on top of the soil under thick leaf mulch.

Purple sweet potato snake 16″ long.


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