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January 18, 2011

Mary’s Favorite Vegetable Varieties

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What do I grow in my gardens? Lots. Here is a list of vegetables I plant every year.

I plant with the goal of feeding my family year round. I plant what we eat and we eat what I plant. I plant a lot of different vegetables. Each thrives under slightly different conditions and conditions in the Hudson Valley vary wildly from year to year. Diversity guarantees we have plenty of food because something always does well.

I like to try new varieties. Often I grow them side by side with my old favorites so I can compare. Every once in a while one of the new varieties is added to my list of favorites. Flavorburst Peppers made my list this year.

Days to
Vegetable Variety Maturity Comment
bean Rattlesnake, pole, CMB resistant 65 Green string bean with purple markings. Great raw when young, great flavor any time, develops strings with maturity.
bean Jacobs Cattle, bush, dry 83 White with maroon markings. I use them for chili.
bean Soy edamame I love edamame, but I haven’t settled on a favorite variety.
beets sping variety 51 I always plant beets but haven’t settled on a favorite.
cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield 70 For harvest in July. Heirloom, forms conical head, tasty.
carrot Bolero F1. resists Cercospora & Alternaria blights 75 For winter storage. Gets sweeter in storage.
carrot Red Cored Chantenay 75 Heirloom. Conical, broad shouldered shape good for heavy soil. Good in the fall.
carrot Yaya 60 For summer eating, sweet & crispy. Less dense than the others.
celeriac Brilliant 100 Knobby root is used in cooking instead of celery.
chard Bright Lights 60 Beautiful, use any way you’d use spinach.
cucumber Marketmore 76 68 Reliable & tasty.
cucumber Straight 8 58 Reliable & tasty.
Kale Winterbor 65-80 A frilly, deep green kale. About half the plants will over winter and produce leaves for early spring salads.
kohlrabi Kolibri Hyb 43 Always successful, even in my part-shade garden.
lettuce Pinetree lettuce mix 40-60 Interesting mix of shapes and colors.
lettuce Cimmaron 65 Heirloom. A sturdy, tasty red leaved Romaine.
Melon Moon & Stars 105 Big melons, crisp & juicy, with big seeds. Family favorite because it is not excessively sweet like some of the modern hybrids.
onion Evergreen Bunching 65 Scallions.
onion Copra 107 Excellent for storage, still keeping without sprouting as of 1/18
onion Yellow Stutgarter Easy, sets readily available. Stores until early Dec.
Parsley Italian Italian parsley has better flavor than curled.
Parsnip Hollow Crown 110 We don’t eat a lot of parsnips, but I like them in a winter stew. I’ve tried others, but Hollow Crown seems to germinate the best.
peas Oregon Sugar Pod II 68 Thick, meaty pods on these snow peas.
peas Sugar Snap The original 7′ tall Sugar Snap pea has the best flavor but shorter varieties are much more managable.
pepper Carmen F1 AAS 60 A bull’s horn pepper that ripens to red. Excellent sweet flavor eaten raw at full color.
pepper Flavorburst 70 An orange bell. The best flavored orange pepper I’ve ever eaten.
Potato Kennebec excellent storage, resists Late Blight 70-90 Tan skin, white fleshed baking potato
Potato Yukon Gold excellent storage 60-75 Tan skin, yellow flesh, very tasty potato
radish Cherry Belle 21 reliable
Spinach Tyee (also for fall planting) 42 I grew 3 types side by side and Tyee had the most vigorous plants and bolted last.
squash Rumbo 100 15 pound squashes on a spreading vine. Stores well up to 5 months. Sweet orange flesh I use for soup and bread.
squash Early Butternut 75 Although Early butternut is not a bush type, the vines are well behaved. C. moschata type – resists squash borers.
squash Tetsukabuto F1 91 4-5 pound, ribbed green winter squashes on a spreading vine. Flesh is sweet, orange, somewhat dry. C. moschata type – resists borers
squash Cocozelle 50 a zucchini type, medium green with white stripes, fruit grows rapidly.
sweet potato Georgia Jets 100 Sweet, deep orange flesh, stores well
tomato Sungold 65 Produces small, orange cherry tomatoes with fruity, well balanced flavor.
tomato Mountain Magic, resistant to early & late blights Very large, sweet red cherry tomato. Not much acid in the flavor. Important disease resistance.
Edible flowers
Nasturtium almost any blend Companion plants to squashes, said to repel squash bugs. Pretty in the garden and on a salad plate. Peppery taste.

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